Church & Ministry Affiliation

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Northern Christian Alliance. To become an affiliate with the NCA, we require you to fill out an application which will be reviewed by our leaders and may be accepted or denied. To be a qualified member of the Northern Christian Alliance association of churches or ministers, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

• You are committing to be supportive of our mission statement and statement of faith.
• A yearly donation of at least $100.

As a church or ministry affiliate, you will have access to many of our resources that we have available. Resources include sound, lighting, tech consultation and installation, access to accredited bible college courses, legal consultation, access to conferences, counseling for ministers and Christian families, and much more. As an affiliate church, we may also have qualified, trained, and experienced ministers, leaders, and professionals to fulfill positions or needs in churches or ministries.

Please fill out the application below and follow the link to submit your donation to support the Northern Christian Alliance.

Church & Ministry Application

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