Together, we can bring change

When you join the Northern Christian Alliance on an individual level, you are joining a group committed to make an impact in our state and our communities. You feel a call to pray and believe for God to do great things in this area. You will take a stand with us in upholding our values, believing in our mission, and commit to praying daily for our three prayer points. Click the link below to join.


churches & Ministries

Joining the Northern Christian Alliance as a church means that you are committed to advancing God's Kingdom in this state. You will uphold our mission and commit to praying for our three prayer points. As a church or ministry member, we also recognize that all of you have different strengths and resources. One of our goals is to unify the Church in a way that will not only create relationships, but also allow for those strengths and resources to help other churches or ministries in need. When you join, you are truly strengthening Christ's Church as a whole.



As a business, we know that you help shape and mold the culture around us. We understand the desire to want to help others, make a meaningful impact on the people around us and we understand that you have a lot to offer. As a business affiliate, you will have the opportunity to engage in the mission of the Northern Christian Alliance, to see souls brought to Christ, society reformed, and the church strengthened all across Wisconsin. You will also have the opportunity to network with other businesses and ministries who are working together to see this mission fulfilled.